Industrial Tank for Chemical Processing

Chemical processing requires industrial tanks that are made of material, resistant to corrosive chemicals and they are able to operate within the given mechanical parameters. Chemical processing tanks can be impacted by heat, cold, vacuum or pressure and aggressive nature of the chemical. The industrial tanks manufactured by us undergo several tests before the final product is supplied in the market. Industrial tanks supplied by us are the perfect solution for storing acids, alkali and many other corrosive materials. Our wide array of industrial tanks is available from 100 liters to 5000 liters in different sizes and shapes. Our tanks are suitable for chemical processing in various industries like Plating, Processing, Pharmaceutical, fine chemical and biological industries.

Fuming Chamber For Laboratories

Our 24 years of experience in producing, designing, installing, testing and maintaining fume chambers for laboratories has led us at the good position in market. The fume extraction chambers are identified for unmatched durability and they are easy to use. The fuming chambers for laboratories are designed to withstand rigorous conditions. Our fume cupboards are set apart in the market because of there unique design and GRP moulded chambers. The best feature of our fuming chamber is that they are available in vivid sizes and configurations. The inner chambers and worktops of fuming chambers are available in various materials like SS316 grade, polypropylene, toughened glass, solid grade laminate, solid epoxy resin and ceramic. These are offered with integral wash or fume scrubber systems. The fuming chambers for laboratories supplied by us are fabricated according to the consumer’s specification at affordable budget.