Chemical Skids

We supply the frame work for chemical skids. The Material used for construction would be Mild Steel, Stainless steel, Poly Propylene PVC etc. depending on the user requirement.


We manufacture stirrers, agitators, Mixers for applications in the chemical industry.Our equipment is mainly used for in-process applications such as High viscosity fluid mixing, Suspension of solids in substrate, Blending, etc

Conductive Coatings

We perform Conductive coatings for medical equipments, electronic equipments and for any application which requires EMI shielding. The coating is usually a conductive material such as graphite, nickel, copper, silver or gold. These coatings are commonly used to shield from Electromagnetic Interface (EMI), anti-static protection (aircraft paints), printed circuits inks, thermal dissipation (photocopy machine parts) and electrical conductive couplings.


Simulator Replica Models

We make FRP replica models for simulators.The simulators replica models supplied by us find use for Flight Simulation, Drive simulation etc.







Precision Machined Components

We also under take machining jobs such as turning milling etc.